We add value as a partner vendor in the areas of innovation and design, modern manufacturing facility and technical service and support. We are well placed in terms of overall cost effectiveness, quick alignment to changing requirements, detailed machine studies and analytics , short cycle delivery and also better supply chain management.

A highly qualified and experienced team of professionals work with customers to provide solutions for individual machines and paper making needs.

Help you choose the proper paper machine clothing to fit diverse paper grades during the formation, drying and transport of paper and maximize the runnability, paper quality and life time of the paper machine clothing.

paper machine clothing


Huatao offers 30 years experience in the Paper Machine Clothing sector. Huatao’s reputation is based on its expertise in the superior quality products and service, its excellence in manufacturing based on state-of-the-art knowledge of raw materials and equipment as well as the company’s management policies: Huatao does not compromise on quality.


With its 30 years of experience, Huatao presently offers end clients, whether they are Agency or Distributor. These are the best engineer available on the market. They are partners that will help you manage your projects on a local level, that speak your language, understand your needs and do business in the way you are used accustomed to.


Huatao’s business model, its rigor, its partners and its locations, enable the company to be one of the most competitive suppliers on the global market.