The spiral link dryer screen can be divided into small loop, medium loop, and large loop.

The dryer screen was manufactured according to Finland product standard which has stable quality and long work life.

Instead of paper machine drying cloth and dryer felt, the dryer screen was widely used in the production of cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, train ticket, single double-sided white paper, and also  used as belt conveyor equipment in food and coal mine industries.

Spiral link dryer screen was made of high viscosity polyester chips, processing wire, enjoys unique properties after weaving and heat setting.

Material: PET, PA, PPS.

Technical parameters of spiral link dryer fabric
Fabric TypeWarp diameter
Weft diameter
Specification of singleWeight
Air permeability
Large loop0.91.1LW4.0 x 8.0mm1.731100 ~ 1250CFM
Medium loop0.70.9LW3.8 x 6.8mm1.42.51050 ~ 1100CFM
Small loop0.50.7LW3.2 x 5.2mm1.11.9900 ~ 1050CFM

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