Single layer forming fabric

In single layer forming fabric, the warp, during weaving, is composed of yarn which is referred to as MD yarn. In order to make endless loops, fabrics are joined by connecting the warp yarn at the end of each fabric. HUATAO uses automated seaming machines for connecting fabrics.

4-shed & 5-shed forming fabric mainly used for producing cultural paper, print paper, tissue paper & toilet paper, packing paper and so on.

8-shed single layer forming fabric is the most wear-resisting one in the single layer screen, which have long performance life, but mesh print is relatively deep. It is mainly used for copying the papermaking bag, carft paper, cardboard, corrugated paper and so on.

Technical parameters of single layer forming wire
Fabric CodeWarp density
Weft densityWarp diameterWeft diameterAir permeabilityFSIDI
HT4020340.5 ~ 41.529.5 ~
HT2528427.5 ~ 28.522.0 ~, 0.28400CFM8611.4
HT2530527.5 ~ 28.521.5 ~, 0.30505CFM7711.3
HT25408-127.5 ~ 28.517.5 ~, 0.40505CFM708.7
HT25408-227.5 ~ 28.516.5 ~, 0.40560CFM699.1

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