Paper making forming wire using attention

1.Check the paper machine carefully before install the paper making forming wire, ensure the wire contact are a with paper machine machine is smooth, flat and level.

2.Check the wire type and specifications of the forming wire before installation, then quality inspection the wire surface (care should be taken during quality inspection to avoid the wire damage)

3.Install the wire if no quality problem through inspection.

4.Daily check forming network running status, and adjust the wire according to the using situation, to prevent accidents.

5.In the late use of wire, there will be phenomenon such as dehydration is slow, and even affect the quality of the paper, suggest changing forming wire regular.

6.Strictly prohibited to no water running on paper machine.

7.It is forbidden to use steam washing wire surface and clean the wire with metal brush.

8. Closing high pressure water first before machine halt to avoid wire damage.

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