Why need clean paper machine clothing?

Paper machine clothing is a specific set of design and quality specification for each paper machine’s performance. Such as specifications, i.e. surface characteristics, open area, void volume, permeability, smoothness, etc. are engineered to achieve specific goals in the papermaking precess.

The need to implement an effective PMC cleaning program has become increasingly crucial in recent years.
This change is primarily due to increasing levels of recycled furnish, faster machine speeds and accompanying technology, elevated sheet quality requirements, and the desire for longer fabric life.

Forming fabrics must be kept free of contaminants in order to maintain surface characteristics, adequate open area, and to prevent sheet marking.

Press felts must be cleaned, conditioned, and lubricated in order to maintain void volume, caliper and prevent wear; thus enabling the felt to take water and be dewatered uniformly throughout its operational life.

Finally, dryer fabrics must be cleaned in order to maintain their permeability and prevent sheet streaking due to nonuniform drying profiles and sheet drop-offs in vacuum assisted transfers, uni-runs and single tier dryer runs.

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