Huatao Dryer cylinder made by MQJK 84200 x 100 CNC, the numerical grinding machine, is more effcient, accurate and safe. It can be used to grind rollers with diameter up to 2000mm, length up to 10000mm, It can be employed to grind the roller of cylindrical, conic, convex (concave) surface, etc. Dryer cylinder machining parameter is as follows:
Roundness: 0.001~0.003mm,
Cylindricity: 0.001~0.003mm/m,
Form: derivation: 0.001~0.003mm,
Surface roughness: Ra0.1μm, thus the customers’ requirements of high standard and precision can be satisfied.

Dryer cylinder

With two sets of MF induction furnaces (20t/h & 10t/h), resin-bonded sand molding production line of 20t/h, and the Japanese on-the-spot analyzer, which can guarantee the quality of castings. This casting shop is also equipped with 2 bridge cranes of 12m heigth & 50tons weight maximun, and dozens of pits of 12m depth and other auxiliary facilities.

The resin sand casting is the most populay and advanced technique of casting in the world, it can produce higher quality than the standard formulated by the country and industry, no matter for apperance or inherence.

Main Technical Data
ModelDiameter (mm)Design Speed (mpm)Trim Width (mm)Max Linear PressureMax Steam Pressure
12FT366022005600120KN/M1.0 Mpa
15FT457222005600120KN/M1.0 Mpa
16FT487622005600120KN/M1.0 Mpa
18FT548622005600120KN/M1.0 Mpa
22FT670622005600170KN/M 1.0 Mpa
24FT731522005600170KN/M1.0 Mpa

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