Cylinder mould model: Dia 1250mm/1500mm/ 1800mm/2000mm×3600mm stainless steel cylinder mould.


1. Main shaft: adopt 299mm×25mm seamless steel tube, 297×23mm after finished. When the pressure is ten tons, deflection is 0.00000000255m, which can be ignored. Shaft head structure is for 45# carbon steel

2. Spoke: Its material is cast iron. Quantity for inside and outside spoke is 19 pieces. It is with beautiful well-designed and smooth appearance, and without pulp attached. It is by natural aging treatment in order to keep the cylinder mould in shape.

Cylinder Mould

3. Stainless Steel strip: size for the stainless steel of big outer circle is δ1.5×12mm. Inside spokes are inlaid and welded of δ3×25mm stainless steel strip. The stainless steel strip that welded on the outer circle of cylinder mould is parted off from the big steel sheet made in Tisco and Bao Steel.

4. Stainless Steel Bars: 10mm, 70 pcs. The steel adopted in the cylinder mould is all Stainless Steel 304 and it can provide laboratory test report for the material.

Main parameters

Suitable Paper grade: Kraft liner paper, test liner board, corrugated paper and white board paper etc.
Single wire basic weight: 30-120g/m2.
Sizing concentration :0.3-0.8%.
Adaptable working speed: 70-180m/min.

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