Paper making felt knowledge

Paper making felt Category

According to the felt section in paper machine can divided into 1st press top felt, 1st press bottom felt, 2nd press top felt, 2nd press bottom felt, vacuum press felt, vacuum press top felt, Vacuum press bottom felt, big diameter roll 1st press top felt, big diameter roll 1st press bottom felt, big diameter roll 2nd press top felt, big diameter roll 2nd press bottom felt, positive press felt, etc.

Function of paper making felt

Water Treatment: as a dehydrating medium, when the paper web is dewatered in a vacuum oven and press area, paper making felt to absorb and filter water out the sheets coming off the water.

Smooth the paper sheet: smooth the paper sheet surface in transfer and dehydration process.

Transfer the paper sheet to dryer section

Main technical indicators

Width difference (cm /), the difference in the length rate (%), mass per unit area difference rate (%), Longitudinal breaking strength (N / 50m), the amount of ventilation (L / m2.S)

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