Papermaking felt

Papermaking felt are durable products that go through a roll press along with paper to remove water from the wet web by absorbing the water without damaging the sheet.

In the press section of a paper machine, water is removed from the newly formed sheet. The paper sheet is carried by a press fabric between two rolls, where water is removed with the application of  pressure.  also can be assisted by the use of vacuum and heat.

There are four series of papermaking felt available in the market. They are used for packing paper, tissue paper, culture paper, pulp board paper producing.

Felt features

Smooth felts surface, even air permeability and higher.

High strength, better drainability, easy cleaning and stable dimension.

Fine felt surface, soft felt body, easy installation, better rebound and high hygroscopicity.

Even and uniform felt surface, fine and smooth fiber, better drainability.