packing paper making felt

Packing paper making felt apply to all types of large-diameter roll press, shoe press and pick-up high-speed paper machines to produce different kinds of packing paper of 70 to 400 grams.

The endless weaving technique with a full set of imported raw materials and equipments for production lines ensures the stability of the base fabrics and the smooth surface of the felts.

This kind of products improves the start-up speed of paper machines and they can withstand high temperatures and other adverse machine conditions.

Technical parameters of packing paper making felt
PMPulpPM SpeedPaper kindFelts weightThicknessAir permeabilityLife
All types pick-up PM Recovered pulp 300-550m/min 70-400g packing paper 900-1100 GSM 2.8-3.1mm 50-60CFM90-180days
Suction pre-pressRecovered pulp 550-800m/min 70-180g packing paper 1450-1850GSM 3.8-4.6mm 50-65CFM45-70 days
Blind drilled PM Recovered pulp 550-800m/min 70-180g packing paper 1600-1800GSM3.9-4.6mm 50-65CFM 40-60 days
4400, 4800, 4600 packing PM Recovered pulp 700-1000m/min 70-180g packing paper 1700-2200GSM4.2-4.4mm 50-65CFM 40-55 days

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