pulp board paper making felt

Pulp board paper making felt is designed for all kinds of pulp machine to produce pulp board.

Includes BOB Pulp felt, BOM pulp felt and Anti-Corrosion Pulp felt.
BOM Pulp felt includes single layer, double layer, triple layer pulp board felt.

It processes with good flexibility, high linear pressure, good filtration, anti-corrosive and good durability etc.

Technical parameters of pulp board paper making felt
PMPulpPM SpeedPaper kindFelts weightThicknessAir permeabilityLife
3200, 3600, 3800, 4400 Virgin pulp 80-120m/min350-1200g pulp board 1900-2100 GSM 4.8-5.2mm 80-100CFM60-120 days

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