tissue paper making felt

Tissue paper making felt apply to all types of improved cylinder vat machine, imitation BF, BF and crescent former paper machines.

The endless weaving technique with a full set of imported equipments for production lines ensures the stability of the base fabrics and the smooth surface of the felts.

This kind of products are of good adaptability, smooth surface, low steam consumption, long life and a fine water-filtering performance, which make the paper a superfine surface.

Technical parameters of tissue paper making felt
PMPulpPM SpeedPaper kindWeightThicknessAir permeabilityLife
Crescent former machinesWood pulp1000-1600m/min 11-22g tissue paper 1200-1300 GSM2.9-3.4mm 25-30 CFM 45-60 days
BF-10 seriesWood pulp 700-900m/min 11-22g tissue paper 1180-1300 GSM2.9-3.4mm 25-35 CFM 40-60 days
Imitation BF-10 series Virgin pulp 350-650m/min 11-22g tissue paper 1100-1250 GSM2.7-3.2mm 30-40 CFM 40-60 days

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